Family Real Estate



With 10+ years of experience in the mortgage industry, having the opportunity to work with many great lenders and brokers, I decided to open my own brokerage. Having the autonomy to choose which lenders will be best for each of our clients and being able to see a loan from start to finish gives us the upper hand to be the most competitive in such a flooded market. Having a great team is paramount to ensure not only a successful business but the best possible customer experience. Being a small close family, we are able to give our clients the attention a larger organization just cannot match. From being able to text/call us on weekends or late nights to answer questions or just hammer out last conditions I can guarantee you will have peace of mind knowing that you are being taken care of.



Director Of Business Development 

Results-driven professional with 8 years of experience in the industry. Expertise includes client relationship management, business communications, and strategic sales, while overseeing business operations. Possesses successful track record of exceeding sales and performance targets while generating fierce loyalty within work environments.



Processing Manager

With knowledge and understanding of all mortgage products working with multiple lenders, Kylie is a great asset. Knowing what the underwriters are going to need for each submission helps streamline the process so there is no lost time going back and forth on conditions resulting in fast turn times and happy clients.



Loan Processor 

"As a 2022 graduate of Leeds Business School with an emphasis in real estate, I bring a fresh perspective to the industry by remaining knowledge hungry and eager to help my team across the finish line of any project. Leeds Business School of the University of Colorado Boulder offers unparalleled access to world-changing entrepreneurs, national research institutions and award-winning faculty. I am a driving force behind the scenes and am excited to prove my worth in the industry by being reliable, informed, and diligent."



Client Relations Manager

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