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Mike Race's commitment to transparency, integrity, and staying up-to-date with the ever-changing market trends sets him apart from the competition. With a deep understanding of various loan options, having multiple banks to choose from, it ensures you're equipped to make informed decisions that align with your long-term goals. Having worked 15+ years with the top lenders in the industry, he's been able to reshape the client experience which has not only contributed to his success but has earned his loyal clients and solidified his realtor partnerships.

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Sr Mortgage Advisor

Business is ultimately about building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. That's why customer focus is the top priority for Mason Graham. He recognizes that success on behalf of his clients requires adapting to dynamic market conditions, staying abreast of emerging technologies, and an unflinching resolve to maintain objectivity when analyzing market data. Having more than five years in real estate and custom home building allows for precise and nuanced solutions to complex and challenging developments.

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Sr Mortgage Specialist 

My excellent customer service and extreme attention to detail allows me to provide home buyers with proper education, a comfortable experience, and paramount success. By maintaining an open line of communication with my clients, I can ensure full transparency during your loan process. My strong work ethic, communication skills, and dedication to my valued customers consistently lead to smooth closings and satisfied new homeowners

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Sr Mortgage Specialist

"With 3+ years in mortgage lending, and hundreds of loans closed, there have been all sorts of changes to our market.  I've been very fortunate to help a wide range of clients meet their financial goals with Conventional, FHA, VA and Non-QM loan products.  My background playing Division 1 baseball and graduating from the University of San Diego Knauss Business School has helped me to retain my competitive and winning mentality for all my clients.  Whether you need preapprovals on the weekends, quicker loan closings or full transparency throughout the process I make it clear that I'll go to bat for my clients!"

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Ciara Murray

Sr Mortgage Specialist

With a decade of experience in the real estate industry and over six years specializing in mortgages, my dedication lies in helping clients turn their homeownership dreams into a reality. Through personalized guidance and tailored mortgage solutions, I am committed to providing the support you need. With a background in business and finance, I possess the expertise to navigate market conditions and regulatory intricacies. Let's work together to transform your homeownership aspirations into a tangible reality while meeting all your financial goals.

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Mortgage Processor 

 "As a 2022 graduate of Leeds Business School with an emphasis in real estate, I bring a fresh perspective to the industry by remaining knowledge hungry and eager to help my team across the finish line of any project. Leeds Business School of the University of Colorado Boulder offers unparalleled access to world-changing entrepreneurs, national research institutions and award-winning faculty. I am a driving force behind the scenes and am excited to prove my worth in the industry by being reliable, informed, and diligent."

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Mortgage Processor 

My knowledge and understanding of all mortgage products, working with multiple lenders, keeps me unmatched and with an emphasis on speed and efficiency. Having direct contact with each underwriter and loan officer helps streamline the process so there is no lost time going back and forth on conditions which results in fast turn times and happy clients.


Client Relations Manager

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